Textile and Lubricants / Enzyme
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Application Area Product Name Characteristic Structure of Madden Appearance Ionic Structure TDS
High Activity With a Wide pH Range Anti-peroxide Enzyme Doctoperez AHP CONC Doctoperez AHP CONC effectively catalyzes the transformation of residual hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Is specific for hydrogen peroxide and will not interfere with dyestuffs and dyeing processes. Reduces dyeing preperation. Provides time and energy savings. Also provides water savings. Is completely biodegradable. A concentrated liquid catalase produced from a fermentation of a selected strain non-patogenic organism. Dark Brown liquid ---------------
High Activity Kombined Antipilling and Antiperoxide Enzyme Doctolase BIO-CONC Doctolase BIO-CONC eliminates pilling in cotton, cotton/polyester, linen, ramie and other fabrics including cellulose, and is very effective in bio-polishing. There is no need for antiperoxide process after bleaching, Doctolase BIO-CONC removes all residual peroxide while antipilling process is proceed. Because of antipilling and antiperoxide property, it provides time, water and energy saving.Due to its high activity, is highly effective even in small amounts. Liquid type enzyme produced from non-patogenic bacteries used for both removing residual peroxide and removing pillings in one bath after bleaching process of cellulosic fabrics. Brown liquid ---------------
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