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Human Resources Policy
Our Company's Human Resources Policy; It is a customer-oriented, customer-oriented company that maintains its position in the Turkish industry by increasing its capacity, meets the expectations of its stakeholders, appreciates employees, is open to change, is a leader in its region, uses its resources efficiently, is sensitive to the environment, occupational health and safety, is compatible with the quality standards, constantly improves its technology to become a company, to use human resources efficiently. Planning, selecting, hiring, assigning, developing, recruiting, recruiting in service units to ensure the effective and efficient execution of the studies in our company, making plans for the determination and implementation of training needs, determination of competencies, performance management, determination of competencies, performance management, career planning It is the goal of our policy.

Basic principles of our human resources policy;

• Establishing and implementing the system for determining, selecting and hiring the human resources that will enable our Company to carry out its activities effectively and efficiently,
• Determining, implementing and evaluating the results of training programs aiming to gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary for our personnel to stay behind from all kinds of developments and changes in the nature of their work, to increase their job satisfaction, to be more successful in the business environment,
• Developing a performance management system that will allow the personnel to see the results of their work, their outputs in a sense and to evaluate the results of their individual success,
• Establishing and implementing a career management system that ensures the continuous development of the personnel within the organization, prepares itself for the responsibilities above its position and ensures the most effective evaluation of our employees at every level willing to take responsibility,
• To collect information about the scope of the work performed in the institution, human resource requirements and working conditions and to conduct business analyzes in order to evaluate this information and to prepare job descriptions in accordance with the changing conditions,
• To develop systems that promote success and creativity by providing working conditions appropriate to the quality of the service provided; Taking advantage of the creativity of all our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, society), creating ideas that will bring innovation to the organization, employees and other stakeholders by transforming them into new products, services, processes, systems and social interactions. mobilizing, making them think and questioning every job they do, making their knowledge and experience usable for the benefit of the company and employees, motivating the creative idea holders through recognition and appreciation, increasing the participation of all employees with creative and innovative self-thoughts and increasing the creative ideas in the most effective way. ensure implementation.
• To give direction to the applications to be made by taking the opinions of the employees through surveys and similar ways,
• To ensure the formation of "Corporate Culture and Awareness" by meeting the social and cultural requirements of the personnel,
• To create an understanding of sustainability in employees to meet today's needs in a way that does not reduce the resources of future generations. Rather than focusing solely on short-term solutions when planning their strategies, to disseminate awareness that will determine their objectives by assessing their environmental and socio-economic dimensions in order to create value in the long term.
• Occupational health and Safety; In our activities, we focus on providing occupational health and safety and protecting our natural environment, to be respectful to people and the environment, to develop systems to prevent work accidents, to increase the cooperation with neighboring facilities, competent authorities and local administrations in order to improve the health-safety-environment performance, to increase the occupational health and safety in our projects. to prioritize the environmental factor, to be structured to respond to emergencies, to be transparent to our stakeholders in our practices.


A. Accuracy, Honesty

B. Confidentiality

C. Non-Personal Benefit

D. My Responsibilities

1. My Legal Responsibilities

2. My Responsibilities to Our Customers

3. My Responsibilities to My Colleagues

4. My Responsibilities to Our Suppliers

5. My Responsibilities to Our Shareholders

6. My Responsibilities to Our Competitors

7. My Responsibilities to Society and Environment

8. My Responsibilities to ”NOBEL Kimya”

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